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Tarot Card and Book Set & Class

$155.00 / On Sale

This includes a Carolyn Tarot deck and Carolyn's Tarot Workbook which covers quick meanings, layouts and much more

You can also book a session for a one on one class with in which i show you how to work with your cards and book in a 1 hour session. I teach you how to word your question read the card and to make the reading flow without all the minced up meanings or long paragraphs. ($155 dollars au for the book, cards and 1 hour lesson with an option of $75 for every class after that)

This is a quick and very straight forth teaching process that enables you to be able to work confidently with your cards and book. That can be accessed through skype or face to face.

Available world wide - time zones www.worldtimebuddy.com (I would off sydney australia times)