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Cartomancy Divination


My new Release!

If you have loved my daily scopes now is your chance to have this book filled with great guidance and messages.

How to Utilise the Book

No fancy systems, no complicated meanings to remember. Just a book filled with daily guidance and spirit’s messages.
The book is set out with 78 random tarot meanings however, unlike the traditional meanings you will find each card depicts a focus point, answer or an outcome which you may be seeking.
The way I have designed my book and my deck meanings comes from over 30 years working with spirit. I have devised many systems however, this is my favourite as it is unique and yet accurate.
1. Close your eyes and think of a question or area you are seeking guidance. You may just be asking what influences your day today.
2. Open the book to a random page or consider a page number between 7 and 84. (sounds strange but often spirit will communicate through being drawn to numbers.
3. If you are drawn to several pages then this is spirit’s way of gaining your attention to read further the messages or guidance which may be influencing your current circumstances.