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Absolute Beginner Deck and Book Set


The cards are designed to help you through your reading with each card depicting and supporting the knowledge I have on tarot and their meanings. You can read alone, or compliment with other decks.

Utilising the art from the Carolyn's Tarot Deck with the added each card has its own simplified meaning. This gives you the opportunity to learn the Tarot and enjoy the art of divination faster.

Known as One of Australia's Most Giving Clairvoyants.
I have built a 25 year reputation for being ethical, well trusted and respected as a teacher in my modalities and as a naturally gifted clairvoyant.

I took out the complicated and long drawn out meanings, leaving a simplified but accurate depictions for each card. Each card within the deck has evolved into a new meaning or relationship. I see the deck as an extension of my understanding and work with spirit.

The tarot is more than a divination tool. They are the tools that can help you better understand your path, purpose, journey and knowledge in this lifetime. The old traditions have not been lost, but have evolved as we have evolved. The meanings and the cards themselves become more in harmony with our faith in our higher belief