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Soul's Journey Reading


Image of Soul's Journey Reading
  • Image of Soul's Journey Reading

This reading is designed to give you an insight into your life lessons, journey and growth of your soul agreements before entering this earth plane.

These readings are from my new Soul's Purpose Deck. Each card drawn (4 in total) depicts and area in which you will find a strong identification or recognition to the Soul's Journey.

Haven't you ever wondered what is your purpose? what is it you are drawn to follow or learn?

Below is an example reading of what to expect - using my own design Colour Ask cards is my reading.

(readings are usually answered within a 48 hours due to high demand of services)

Souls Purpose (Red)

A dynamic energy surrounds you in this lifetime. It is one of determination and focus. You may find that you are easily frustrated or often life experiences have lead you to be in situations that have required a lot of energy to get out of or change.

Impulsive acts often lead to you learning that you need to be more patient and organized. Highly energetic means you will be one to travel move about a lot or perhaps be physically fit.

The down side is you can find yourself in situations where you are dealing with others who are aggressive or even abusive. This can mean self-abuse or through the hands or acts of others.

In this lifetime, you are to create structure and stability. These life experiences will lead you to wanting to feel connected to your path, those in it and to have a solid foundation in your life career or path that you can feel productive and energetic.

This lifetime you will offer many opportunities to make life happen for yourself and to put your needs and abilities to the fore for all to see. This could be so as in other lifetimes you have experienced domination through circumstances or life experiences and have not taken the lead.

Career/ Path (Purple)

In this lifetime, the path of the healer will present through many avenues with an importance to connect with others on a deeper level whilst developing a stronger faith in your own abilities and beliefs.

In a past life, the denial of faith or self-belief brought about by that actions of others may have diverted you away from following a spiritual calling, metaphysical pathways, health and well-being industries or utilizing your natural abilities to counsel, mentor, assist or heal.

As strong past life time connections present through ancient knowledge and past soul experiences which may also include the re-connection of those who played an integral part in in a past life experience to enable you both to reflect, heal and release a past karmic energy or tie.

Consequently, in this lifetime your faith will be tested so as to your ability to follow your path without fear of persecution or provocation. You are encouraged to open the mind to a higher knowledge and in doing so accepting the tools and gifts in which to teach, guide and support others towards their own enlightenment and well-being.

In this lifetime, you are encouraged to support the path in which you find the greatest of reward spiritually, emotionally, physically and intellectually. The natural energy you possess will draw people and life events into your path to show you the direction you are to take. This may possible come in later life (31+) if missed within the first 29 years of birth.

Therefore with your ability to help others find their path, create a platform for healing or to encourage those who come into your life towards their own needed changes will be strong.

However, in such roles the life experiences and lessons will also test your ability to honour the rights of others in enabling them to utilise their own free will to heal, follow or embrace their own ideas, faith and beliefs without you feeling the need to convert or conform them to your perceived thoughts or beliefs on healing and enlightenment.

Love (Black)

This is a lifetime of finding your true path in love by creating and building deserving relationships. The soul’s experience and lessons that will emerge throughout this journey will propel you to acknowledge that you are worthy of love and deserved of true self-love.

You may find yourself in many different personal and interpersonal relationships that rob you of the essential confidence to love or feel loved as others take advantage of, disrespect or use your need for emotional acceptance and belonging to their own advantage.

It is not surprising to find that in this life experience you may encounter different forms of control, abuse, neglect, abandonment or domineering relationships.

Therefore, it is probable to attract a partner or significant other whom carries their own mental and physical scars from abuse or emotional neglect, which may possibly create a self-destructive cycle of negativity within the relationship or partnership, which robs you both of self-confidence and of self-esteem.

The key to this life experience or lesson is to break the cycle of control, which denies you equality, respect, appreciation support, and the significance of true and worthy relationship.

Therefore, discovering love within and building upon your self-worth by valuing your right to feel and experience genuine love through healthy and positive experiences.

Spirits Message (Green)

Do not be afraid to let go of all that does not support your individuality and personal growth. The more open you become to understanding your needs, desires and aspirations the easier life becomes in attracting that desired.

Spirit will guide through encouraging the removing of self-imposed limitations along with overcoming judgement or preconception of that deemed normality by others.

You are encouraged to express your need for freedom of choice in which to build upon your own happiness in this soul’s experience.